custom made Corvette Interiors

Interested in something custom made? Al Knoch Interiors can create custom interiors for you. We can embroider text, pictures, and use any color pattern into your car interiors.

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classic car reproduction parts
NEW ITEM: 1958-62 Corvette
leather dash pad speaker-delete
$1,500.00 *Also available in vinyl
corvette restoration interior parts
1982 Special Edition Turbo Corvette
corvette restoration seat covers
C6 Seat
Note: C6 Seats do not come with airbags
corvette restoration upholstery products
Custom cut down seat using C6 Frames
with a 67 pattern
Backs lowered 6in while keeping all original & bladders

non-original Al Knoch Products

We also create our own in-house Al Knoch Interior Products (i.e. AOK). Our AOK seats have 25% more room than original corvette interiors, and they come with their own tracks. You can request custom or original work and we can also alter original seats to give you more room.

Leather AOK Seats:

  • 53-55 | $3,702.00
  • 56-62 | $3,365.00

Vinyl AOK Seats

  • 53-55 | $2,921.00
  • 56-62 | $2,696.00


  • Back Heaters $375 (pair)
  • Bottom Heaters $375 (pair)
  • Lumbar support system $348 bottoms & backs (pair)

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non-original custom interior products
1953-55 Retro AOK Seats
non-original custom interior parts
1959 Corvette AOK Retro Seats
non-original custom interior restoration
1956-57 Corvette Leather AOK Retro Seat

We also manufacture custom retro door panels

non-original custom interior reproduction
custom corvette door panels
custom antique corvette interior door panels